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3 Step Strategy For Managing Fear – Tim Ferriss

This post includes a Word document template as a reminder of how to use the 3 Step Strategy.

1. What if I …?

Write down whatever you are afraid of.

Then, under whatever you are afraid of, write three subcategories: “Define,” where you describe the 10 to 20 worst possible outcomes; “Prevent,” where you figure out what you could do to prevent each worst possible outcome from happening; and “Repair,” where you decide what is within your power to do to solve the problems that you have presupposed will happen.

2. Write down the potential benefits of trying or even succeeding in some way at whatever goals or tasks you are afraid of.

Ferriss recommends this part should to take between 10 to 15 minutes.

3. “The cost of inaction”

Write down what may happen if you do not attempt or partially succeed at the goals or tasks you are afraid of. So you should ask yourself: If I avoid this action or decision and actions and decisions like it, what might my life look like in, say, six months, 12 months, three years? says Ferriss. “Any further out, it starts to seem intangible. And really get detailed — again, emotionally, financially, physically, whatever,” he says.

What If Word Document Template

Tim Ferriss



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