Today Shapes Tomorrow

Motivational and Spiritual Wisdom

Mark Divine

Yesterday is Gone. Today is a Fresh Start



Yesterday is gone. It’s over. Tomorrow i hopefully going to come, but there are no absolute guarantees there. So guess what? It’s all about today.”

“Today’s where you need to target your thoughts and energy, Today’s where there’s respect to earn, training to accomplish, and money to make. You’ve got to show up and put in 110% today, go 100mph, to prove to your team that you’re there for them and that you can be relied upon. ”

My message to you is this: forget about the past and the failed effortsTake this moment to formally and forever let go and give yourself a fresh start. Now is the only time that matters Getting to the terrain of elite performers demands attaining access to the 90 percent or so of the vast mental power.” – Mark Divine

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